The work on the lighting of this bank was very detailed and lengthy. During it, many light options were developed and many references were selected, some of which you can see below. As the final result, a more restrained option was chosen with spot lighting in the lobby area, which you can see on the lighting calculation, as well as on the photos of the realized object.

The bank has 2 parts - an office and meeting rooms, and the architects wanted to emphasize the different functions of the premises with light. In the office, a colder color of light is used, contributing to the concentration of employees' attention. In the meeting areas, it was important for the customer to get an atmosphere of comfort, so it was decided to use not just lamps with warm light, but with Soft dimming - this unique ability of LEDs to simulate a decrease in the brightness of a halogen lamp with a variation in the color of light - from 3000K to 1800K.