Lavrenova Anastasiia

Co-living in Zurich

The trip to Zurich was made as part of an academic course, the purpose of which was to study social ecology on the example of residential complexes in this town. The focus was on the Kalkbreite, it is a model project for mixed use, high density and social, ecological and economic sustainability. It comprises residential use, retail, offices and socio-cultural venues. It is also interesting that a tram depot is built into this residential complex.
The next stop was the territory of the former Lowenbrau brewery, where now 2 high buildings rise above the brewhouses. The 38-meter office complex "Red" includes the main structure of the brewery from 1897 and an extension. With its striking red glazed, undulating ceramic slabs, the facade reinterprets the typical color of an existing brick building. The 70-meter "Lowenbrau Black" is a residential complex which has become a kind of landmark of the city. The area is also known among art lovers for its exhibition spaces.
Of course, I could not pass by such an original lighting design solution of the hall without capturing it. A group of lamps lights up from a motion sensor.