Lavrenova Anastasiia

Venetian alloy: water, wood, stone and seagulls

This collection of photos is the biggest of all that I have, because it is very difficult to do only one thing in Venice – put the camera in a backpack! Venice is an endless movement: gondolas and boats on the canals, seagulls in the air, tourists in the alleys. There is probably not a single person in this world whom this city would leave indifferent – someone loves, someone does not. For me, as an architect, this is definitely a place of power, where every stone on the sidewalk has its own history, and every turn into an alley is a new exciting adventure.
Venice is the city where if you don't even want to photograph a seagull, you will still take a picture of it. Sometimes in unexpected angles.
My favorite part of Venice is its street lights, which are an integral part of its appearance, but for some reason they are usually absent on many photos of the city on the Internet. Classic ornate lanterns merge with the surrounding nature – pink glass matches the tone of the dawn sky, green pillars combine with water and algae in the channels.