Lavrenova Anastasiia

Brussels Sprouts - a city within a city

It was a one-day trip, and, of course, it does not give a complete picture of the city at all. In this case, you should understand that the center of Brussels and its outskirts are absolutely two different worlds, although such contrasts can be found almost in every city, but here they are very clear. My photos capture only the central historical part of Brussels, but there are many remarkable and interesting things in it.

Firstly, there are cramped streets, which seem even more cramped due to the fact that they are crowded with cars. Anyway, you will be photographing parking lots in front of the majestic buildings, so most of my shots were taken with my head up.

Secondly, the streets are so ornate that it is very easy to get distracted by something and get lost. Brussels ranks first in my list with the possibility of getting lost among all the cities where I have been.
Thirdly, it is a special puppet charm of this town, as if you are moving in some kind of theatrical scenery. And the very local tradition of decorating shop windows, entrances to shops, signs in a special way further enhances this image.
Additionally, I would like to note such details as murals at the ends of buildings, bindweeds on the facades and small trees, located almost everywhere, which create additional comfort to all streets.
The most spacious was at the Royal Palace, opposite which there is a picturesque park with sculptures.
Having lost my way once again, I suddenly pounced on such a large courtyard between the houses! I suspect that perhaps there was also a building here, since such a large empty area is very unusual for the city center.
In terms of street lighting, everything is quite restrained, warm yellow light prevails everywhere, there is very little RGB color illumination (practically none).
Brussels at night